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By the 1992. year LXIII. law of the registry and attending of personal datas, of privacy policy and the datas of public utility's publicity, as well as the 1995. year CXIX. law of researching and the direct solicitory as well as of attending of name and address datas for the survey and scientific researches, you, as our company's client allow us to keep, attend and use your personal datas(name, address, e-mail address, phone number, fax number) to send wares, offer list and shopping offers  appropriately to the privacy policy. Our company the FRENETIC Bt.  in the course of acquisition, conversion and keeping of the personal datas, we proceed according to the 2001. year CVIII. law's ordainments(about electronic commercial services and services in connection with information society).
Because the providing of the datas is voluntary, we look on the application of your name and addres as continuous, untill you ask for erease them.
Our company attend the datas that are necessary and enough to  identify the costumer in order to make the contract, assign it's plot, change it, accomplish it and bill the taxes. All the information is stored in a secure environment and protected by technical and organizational solutions from unauthorized access or disclosures.
We will only disclose your data to a third party for direct purposes, such delivery assistance. The third party is at all times bound by this Privacy Policy.

In the case, if you want to waive the order, you could do according to the conditions of 17/1999. (II.5) edict. This claim of yours please write down in an e-mail to the address. It's available just in case of online-order.                                                                                                                          Conditions:
-The waiver can be probated in 8 days after taking over the pack.
-The product must be sent in the original estate back.
-The bill's original copy and the covering letter must be retained.
-Retain the original packing.
-The product must be totally unharmed.
If this conditions match, we could refound 100% of the product's price. In case of waiver you must the product send us(FRENETIC Bt. 1183 Budapest, Rím Street 21.) at your expense, but if the product is harmed, our company can claim damages!
If the ordered ware is defective or you get wrong product, then we change it, or refoud the product's price!(the cost of delivering back and the resend is at the costumer's expence). You can inform us about the occurrent defective's of the ware in 3 working days after the taking over!
We can buy in the original estated ware with the original bill!

By this common contract and the private contracts, the seller is bound to send the ordered products to the delivering address, and the costumer is bound to take over them and pay their value.
The delivering fees are always at the coustumer's expence. If the costumer do not take over the products for any reasons, the costumer is bound to refound the deliverer's damage. The costumer can waive from the buying in e-mail(to the costumer service's address) after the order, but in 24 hours before the delivering. In this case there is no expence at the costumer.
The costumer also can waive from the contract without justification in 8 working days after the taking over. In this case the waiver aim of the costumer must be sent in e-mail to the seller and the costumer must take care of the delivering back to the seller's address. The costs of the delivering back are at the costumer's expence! The seller is bound to refound the product's value to the costumer in 30 days after the waiver. The refound is not available for the delivering fees! The costumer can choose the mode of the refound, we can transfer if to the bank account number that was given by the costumer, or send it by post in cash. In case of waiver the seller can claim the refound of the damages if the product is defective.
The seller can freely change the products, their price and the dead-line in the Web-shop. These modifications are available from the appearing in the Web-shop, but they are not available for the concluded contracts. If the costumer breach the common contract or the private contract, the seller can freely invalidate the costumer's registation. In this case the costumer can not vindicate for refound.

The seller is not responsible for the occurrent faults or damages that are appear while you are shoping in the Internet, especially if:
o You get or sent any datas on the Internet
o There are any error in the Internet connection that disturb the connection or the shopping.
o There is failure in the communication lines.
o You loose any e-mails or datas.
o Any softver works wrong.
o There is failures in any programs or technic errors
o There are any failures while you connecting to the sale-system.
The costumer's task is to protect the datas that are on the costumer's computer, so the deliverer is not responsible for these damages.
Thank you for reading the above!

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Black panther
Price: 9.000 Ft
HANGER-24 practical belt
Price: 5.210 Ft
White fitness T-shirt for sport.
Price: 5.775 Ft
Frenetic-Hilly13/01- fitness top
Price: 6.000 Ft
HELGA-54 high-waisted leggings
Price: 8.400 Ft
Unisex short in grey/black colour.
Price: 6.900 Ft
HEAVY-01/00-long tarusers
Price: 13.200 Ft
OBI-23 sport vest
Price: 9.000 Ft
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